iphone 4 & 4s repairs canterbury

iphone screen repair


If you have smashed your iPhone 4 screen then this is the repair for you, includes a full screen replacement consisting of the glass and lcd, ready in 30mins


IPHONE 4 Back Cover Replacement


If you have damaged the back cover of your iPhone 4 this is the repair for you, a new back will be fitted as you wait


iPhone 4 Dock Connector/Charging Port


If you find that you iPhone will no longer charge, then this in most cases will solve the problem, we can fit this whilst you wait, and comes with our 1 yr warranty


iPhone 4 Camera Replacement


If you find your back or front camera no longer works this will resolve your issue, we will fit a brand new camera whilst you wait


iPhone 4 Speaker Repair


Can you no longer hear when making a call, or does your loud speaker no longer work, then this is what you need, this repair also covers microphone and headphone faults


iPhone 4 On/Volume Buttons


There is a common fault with the iPhone 4 models that effets the on/off button, and sometimes the volume buttons also. this repair is what you need and takes 30mins