iphone 5 repairs canterbury

iphone 5 screen repair

£60 full screen or glass only £55

Have you cracked your iPhone 5 screen 80(, do not panic we will fit a brand new sreen whilst you wait, you will leave with your phone looking as good as new


IPHONE 5 Back casing Replacement


Often when people drop their phones the back casing can often become damaged, we will often bend these back in to place, however if you want a new back we can fit one by the next day.


iPhone 5 Dock Connector


In more then 50% of cases the iPhone dock connector/ charging port only needs to be cleaned , we do this for free, however if a new port is needed we can fit one in less then an hr for just £35/p>


iPhone 5 Camera Replacement


Its not very common for the back or front camera to fail on the iPhone 5, but if they do we can fix them to, your pohone will be ready in less then an hr


iPhone 5 Speaker Repair


If your having problems with your speakers or microphone Atlantis can help, simply pop into our Canterbury iPhone repair shop for help.


iPhone 5 On/Volume Buttons


We are seeing alot of iPhone 5 models that are having problems with the top on button, this is a pretty simple repair and will be ready to collect in less then an hr