iPhone 5S & 5CS repairs canterbury

iPhone 5S & 5C screen repair

£65 full screen or glass only £60

The iPhone 5S & 5C look very pretty, that is of course unless you drop them and break your screen 80(, but there is no need to go and buy a new phone as we can fix it for you, we can fit a brand new sreen whilst you wait


iPhone 5S & 5C Back casing Replacement


If the back of your phone is showing its war scars then why not invest in a new back, making your phone look brand new.


iPhone 5S & 5C Dock Connector


In more then 50% of cases the iPhone dock connector/ charging port only needs to be cleaned , we do this for free, however if a new port is needed we can fit one in less then an hr for just £35/p>


iPhone 5S & 5C Camera Replacement


There are so many times you want to capture a moment, but if your camera no longer works its lost forever, well we can help, we can fit a brand new fron or back camera into your apple device


iPhone 5S & 5C Speaker Repair


Can you no longer hear when you make a call or play your favourite tune, then it sounds as if you need a new speaker in your iPhone , Atlantis can do this in less then an hr, and all our repairs include a 1 yr warranty.


iPhone 5S & 5C On/Volume Buttons


Can you no longer turn your phone off, or the sound up then this is the repair for you, we will fit a new on or volume button into your apple device